Need Help Shipping Oversized Cargo out of New Bedford, MA?

Turn to our team for shipping container transport services

When work or family obligations cause to you move across the country or overseas, you'll have to figure out how to ship your oversized cargo safely. That's where Oliveira Shipping comes in. Our team in New Bedford, MA has the necessary equipment to do shipping container transports on a large cargo ship. Anything that won't fit in a cargo container will be shipped on a flat rack.

For more information about our services, call 508-997-4627 now.

Know when to hire our transportation company

Shipping container transport is ideal for a wide range of heavy cargo. For example, you should hire us if you need help:

  • Getting your boat across the country during your move
  • Transporting the trailer you just sold to its new owners
  • Shipping a vehicle to a car dealership overseas to be sold

Next time you need to ship oversized cargo, reach out to us ASAP.